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  1. January 01, 2017 - built and evaluated in an iterative cycle using rapid feedback from a sample of nurses; iii) Usability … Submitted and under review: Dowding DW, Merrill JA. … Computerised reminders and feedback in medication management: a systematic review of randomised controlled … Dashboards for improving patient care: Review of the literature. … Submitted and under review: Posters Accepted/Presented Submitted and under review: References
  2. January 01, 2017 - In its second phase, the project focused on driving rapid collaboration among stakeholders who create … Patient-Reported Outcomes in Practice, May 23, 2016, Washington, DC. … • EDM Forum Review. … (Appendix C) • Literature Review Update. … identify shared challenges and grew to collaborative projects scoped to identify and, in some cases
  3. October 01, 2017 - Sprints were planned and reported on at the beginning and end of a 2- week sprint interval. … A standard point of entry in discussing the work was the review of the CONOPs (Concept of Operations … alternative use cases (i.e., population health, management of patient panels) with minor adjustments … As part of the Agile framework, the CDS Authoring team practiced rapid prototyping, building a minimally … The MITRE-developed CDS was on par with that being used in leading academic medical centers.
  4. January 01, 2017 - For development, a systematic literature review was conducted to ultimately distill 6–10 theoretically … The systematic literature review results were distilled into “best practices” of EHR- accommodating communication … communication techniques derived from the systematic literature review. … were very high, and in many cases, opposite of how providers rated themselves. … literature review.
  5. February 07, 2017 - We limited it to internal medicine physicians writing progress notes because of the size of the study … Do either of you want to comment on these types of products? … following flow processes in current practice: 1) non-interactive speech recognition dictation, 2) review … ANSWERS: Li Zhou: There is not much literature about the difference in time. … Using something like VGEENS with very rapid turnaround—5 minutes—would help us summarize those voluminous
  6. March 23, 2017 - messaging with providers • Viewing/making appointments 10 Example Feature: Lab Results 11 Rapid … participants reported a willingness to use a portal Web site to manage their health care … Health/medical content • Overall and stratified on a validated, single item measuring self-reported … Internet, % 76% Self-Reported Lack of Skills to Use Portal Web site 32% Accessed Online Training at … Patient-Facing Technology in Health Care Online Patient Portals Example Feature: Lab Results Rapid
  7. January 01, 2017 - • Developing a reliable system for rapid identification of potential signals of serious adverse events … on the post-marketing data and the literature. … Patients with higher initial pain had a more rapid reduction during their first 2 hours of treatment. … The results of chart review are given in the table below. … Similarity Levels Yes cases Total cases reviewed by Sim Levels Cases remaining by Sim Levels
  8. January 01, 2017 - HIT-CERT established two cores that supported the three projects and enhanced our ability to provide rapidReview of the alert overrides of the top 11 (n = 206) most-utilized and highest-costing Non- Formulary … A number of insights were identified through academic detailing sessions including that alert fatigue … Our study also provides some important additions to the existing literature. … Review of nonformulary medication approvals in an academic medical center.
  9. January 01, 2017 - Use of Health IT and HIE in Section 2703 Medicaid Health Homes: What Types of Health IT Can Medicaid/ … Secretarial authority, States may add other chronic conditions in their State Plan Amendment for review … □ Missouri (one SPA on clock) □ Rhode Island (two SPAs on clock) □ Oregon ■ Draft proposals under review … ■ CMS will be engaging in rapid learning activities to prepare for the release of well-informed regulations … Care Management Information System (CMIS) ■ Pharmacy home ■ Quality measurement and feedback chart review
  10. January 01, 2017 - A large proportion of these factors are modifiable with poly-pharmacy, lack of understanding of medication … Mobile health applications are required to engage patients and caregivers with clinicians The rapid … Readmissions within 30 days were recorded via the App, with a thorough review of the record and discussion … for missed critical medicines, 734 for missed sodium intake and 24 for rapid increase in weight from … (%) 29 (73%) History of ascites (%) 36 (90%) History of variceal bleed (%) 7 (18%) Length of stay
  11. January 01, 2017 - using iterative rapid prototyping and other user-centered design methods to clarify core design elements … Measures and Survey Items Survey measures were used only for Q methodology where we adapted self-reported … iterative rapid prototyping and other user-centered design methods to clarify core design elements … Participants also reported on the potential challenges of collaborative reminders, including administering … iterative rapid prototyping and other user-centered design methods to clarify core design elements and
  12. January 01, 2017 - Our original intent was to respond to AHRQ “rapid-cycle” funding announcements limited to funded centers … At the time of its application to be a part of the P30 initiative, PPRNet was already a large PBRN with … The decision because of a declining number of practices that used Practice Partner™, and the corresponding … "Use of Clinical Decision Support to Improve Primary Care Identification and Management of Chronic … "A systematic review of lifestyle counseling for diverse patients in primary care."
  13. January 01, 2017 - To address this gap in the literature, we studied provider and family perceptions and use of a specific … included as predictors of acceptance in the literature. … We also identified providers’ positive and negative perceptions of LCIM as reported in Table 1 and … The paper from this finding was submitted to JAMIA and currently under review. … ownership when they critically review their child’s medical information Parents feel more empowered
  14. March 01, 2017 - in rapid-cycle, applied studies. … Disseminate this new technology to at least two other academic medical centers and through presentations … at AHRQ, national research meetings, publications in the medical literature, and through the media. … ; participants could have inaccurately reported their health risks and behaviors because of a lack of … The use of this framework will enable the rapid construction of counseling functionality in several
  15. January 01, 2017 - We recruited patient survey participants by pre- screening the medical records of a large academic medical … window. 5 participants reported being Asian and 10 reported being White. … As described in personal informatics literature, patients looked to their data for self- awareness of … Evaluation of Food Journal Review for IBS Trigger Identification In our study of provider review of … Comparing use of Foodprint for IBS and for Healthy Eating In both the healthy eating and IBS use cases
  16. January 01, 2017 - Information sought by parents during the rapid pace of bedside rounds is typically hand-written on loose … The literature suggests that BMT patients experience significant distress at the time of discharge and … We recently submitted a review manuscript to describe the implementation of acute care patient portals … and emergency care, and (4) medication review. … Submitted and under review. 2017. Conference Presentation 10.
  17. January 01, 2017 - Methods: The patient portal was developed through literature review, web portal survey, patient and … Themes of BC patient experiences were identified, conceptually confirmed, and organized with our literature … Specialists were asked to review all aspects of the MyHealthPortal prototype at least twice. … I think in a lot of cases it’s helpful to the patients. … A content analysis of self-reported barriers and facilitators to preventing postpartum smoking relapse
  18. January 01, 2017 - Second, except in rare cases where the VCF format has been “adapted,” VCF files rarely contain structural … order, o Enable the user to order a TPMT geneotype test, o Enable the user to click on a link to review … , o Enable the user to remove thiopurine order, o Enable the user to click on a link to review dosing … reviewing TPMT test results, o Display TPMT test results, o Enable the user to click on a link to review … approaches to address the challenges to achieving the collaborative work required by institutional review
  19. January 01, 2017 - Systematic Design of Meaningful Presentations of Medical Test Data for Patients - Final Report … Organization: University of Michigan Inclusive Dates of the Project: 09/30/2013-09/29/2017 Federal … unintentionally convey a sense of "bad patient" when describing an out-of-range test result. … characteristics of a particular test and the needs of an individual patient. … Two additional manuscripts are under review a) based on Study 3 on the effect of providing goal ranges
  20. August 29, 2016 - , workflow  Limited evidence in the literature • FDA has had authority to regulate health IT but has … high-risk clinical decision support o Higher risk software use cases  For the regulated software, it … to a telemetry unit with the diagnoses of rapid atrial fibrillation and bronchitis … X Peer review committee: “The peer review committee recognized how easy it was for the system to allow … Pediatrics Survey • 335 NICUs responded (37.8% response rate) • 81.8% of the NICUs reported using

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