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  1. January 01, 2019 - Currently, PP adoption rates vary in the literature.13-15 A meta-analysis of 40 studies reported an … Patient Portal Adoption Rates: A Systematic Literature Review and Meta-Analysis. … Instruments for evaluating shared medical decision making: a structured literature review. … Blackboard Academic Suite 9.1. … Internet-based physical activity interventions: a systematic review of the literature.
  2. January 01, 2020 - Even in cases where a patient declines service referral, the work suggests benefits to the screen’s … is awaiting council review. … Emergency department visits for nonurgent conditions: systematic literature review. … Transcending carrots and sticks: a review of self-determination theory. … research: an integrated literature review.
  3. January 01, 2020 - and in some cases, participants were asked to demonstrate how they used something. … A coding team of 4 study staff met twice weekly to review interview transcripts for the purpose of identifying … These summaries involved a rapid harvesting of select codes associated with the goals, needs, and … privacy policy; • Developer type (commercial, not-for-profit, academic, hospital-based). 15 https … Prostate cancer and health-related quality of life: A review of the literature.
  4. January 01, 2019 - In most cases, we sought balanced presence of CIED across the sample and for R3 of formative evaluation … rapid prototyping and project management techniques, we were able to conduct three iterations of design … review. … Rapid translational field research approach for eHealth R&D. … Patient ergonomics: 10-year mapping review of patient-centered human factors.
  5. January 01, 2020 - One of the two specialty providers, a cardiologist, reported that upon review of a patient’s physical … This allowed for more rapid and iterative development due to our degree of familiarity with the platform … , completion of the PF survey, and in some instances the providers’ review and use of the PF data. … While both methods worked well, the PRO literature does not stress the clear opportunity of using a … A standards-based, loosely coupled architecture enables rapid reuse of existing apps, and allows developers
  6. January 01, 2019 - States, with an incidence and prevalence estimated as high as 10.7 per 100,000 person-years and 246.7 cases … to address priority populations, specifically from rural and urban locations, and from both academic … For the intervention group, patients consistently reported that the PROSPECT tool (87%) and Crohn’s … We do have the data from patient reports and chart review, and these analyses are currently underway … Serum immune responses predict rapid disease progression among children with Crohn's disease: immune
  7. April 27, 2021 - of the literature (Archived April 6, 2017) Assessing the validity of national quality … reported medication errors before and after implementation of computerized practitioner order entry … ) Immediate benefits realized following implementation of physician order entry at an academicreview (Archived April 27, 2021) Information skills training: a systematic review of … general practice computer systems: evaluation using simulated test cases (Archived April 27, 2021)
  8. January 01, 2019 - An acute care medical facility dedicated to providing SCD patients effective and rapid painful episode … SMART documented patients’ pattern of interventions reported through SMART during the post-acute care … Daily review of pain scores remotely provided the medical team with the ability to text specific patients … Edwards, C.L., et al., A brief review of the pathophysiology, associated pain, and psychosocial issues … Lanzkron, S., et al., Systematic review: Hydroxyurea for the treatment of adults with sickle cell
  9. January 01, 2019 - Portal Sign-up and Use Portal outcomes were assessed via EHR chart review as 1) initiating sign-up for … To assess portal interest/attitudes and skills, we also asked a series of self-reported items at both … Most importantly, we found significant barriers by the self- reported health literacy of participants18 … : Results from a Partnership between a Digital Health Company and an Academic Research Team. … After-visit summaries in primary care: mixed methods results from a literature review and stakeholder
  10. January 01, 2019 - Overview of the Research Strategy Institutional Review Board approval obtained for all Subprojects except … Scope The target population was community-dwelling adults who reported having diabetes and lived in … Survey Data Analysis: Because the NASA-TLX is reported as a total score, we pursued that approach to … that lay participants who reported being told they had diabetes identified as facilitating or barring … for rapid analysis.
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    January 02, 2021 - cycle of rulemaking in order to keep standards adoption in sync with the rapid pace of standards … The Journal of Healthcare Information Management has published that physicians reported paying user-based … As one commenter noted, The Journal of Healthcare Information Management also reported that in some … An Economic Review of Compliance with Medication Therapy in the Treatment of Schizophrenia. … Although outpatient ADEs were difficult to estimate, literature estimated that, as of 2005, there were
  12. January 01, 2019 - Results: Overall, 956 parents of 1264 eligible families enrolled from four academic-affiliated community … personalized and conventional) using information gathered during our previous studies, the relevant literature … This study was approved by the Columbia University Irving Medical Center Institutional Review Board … Text messages facilitated the rapid communication with families to inform them of the CDC schedule … Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting (Toronto, ON) 14
  13. January 01, 2019 - Since the ED is considered a gateway for patient care, the variety of cases seen in most EDs requires … An interesting finding was that use of review MPages (which is specific chart review feature of the EHR … Clinician perception of time spent with patients The majority of the physicians reported changes in … A number of EHR usability concerns reported, and the most prominent concern was the “number of clicks … In other words, academic medical centers have a multi-layered process of iterative review with residents
  14. January 01, 2018 - There is surprisingly little guidance in the literature or from EHR vendors on best practices for EHR … to the laboratory and the ED given that these clinical areas require the rapid communication of information … have become accustomed to the rapid turnaround. … Review of paper records found that stated downtime procedures were not being adhered to during downtime … Our finding show that the laboratory category had the greatest number of reported downtime incidents
  15. January 01, 2019 - Many of the patients reported favorable responses (Table 4). … Using the rapid, responsive, relevant research approach,40 suggestions from workflow observations as … A systematic review. Neuroscience. 2015 [epub ahead of print]. 13. … Exercise during pregnancy: a review of patterns and determinants. … : a systematic review.
  16. January 01, 2019 - cases of VTE occur in the US each year [4]. … During the second stage, we conducted a large literature review on the scope and impact of CDS in the … We also conducted a large literature review of scope and impact of CDS in the ED. … The majority of studies (83%) reported positive effects on measures of interest. … review.
  17. January 01, 2018 - rapid-cycle funding opportunity announcements as well as the development of investigator-conduct initiated … Year 1: • A PROS Rapid Response Listserv was created and used numerous times. … sample of practices, a patient portal designed to provide education, collect patient-reported outcomes … Fiks A, "Spurring Adoption of Patient Portals to Collect Patient-Reported Outcomes: Lessons Learned". … Fiks A, "Institutional Review Board (IRB) Challenges in QI & Research".
  18. January 01, 2018 - addition to health literacy issues, place the patient at greater risk.6 In 2007, the Joint Commission reportedrapid prototyping, and usability evaluation of VIC App. … mockup screen and prototype, development of the VIC system, rapid prototyping, and usability evaluation … Strategies for increasing recruitment to randomised controlled trials: Systematic review. … review of health professionals' perceptions.
  19. January 01, 2019 - In other cases, the ‘user’ may be a network of elder and family caregivers. … Few studies, however, had elaborated on specific types of information, specific use cases or other detailed … The study was designed and conducted with the approval of the institutional review boards of Beth Israel … The literature has also reported that among the common barriers to adoption, as expressed by the elders … The literature has also reported that among the common barriers to adoption, as expressed by the elders
  20. September 01, 2018 - Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and support of the pilot process e. … Review of the pilot scope and work plan 2. … Review and refinement of the clinical aspects of the Pain Management Summary CDS 3. … test cases and synthetic patient data. … The display of the MME was also reported as inconsistent, even if present in the Epic EHR.

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