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  1. December 01, 2020 - evidence and evidence syntheses to help healthcare systems and healthcare professionals improve the care ofReview) Evidence Base for Telehealth: Reassurance in the Face of the Rapid Expansion During the COVID … Review  (Rapid Review) Masks for Prevention of COVID-19 in Community and Healthcare Settings: A Living … Rapid Review (Rapid Review) No-Touch Modalities for Disinfection of Hospital/Acute Care Settings: … A Rapid Evidence Review (Rapid Review)
  2. October 01, 2020 - AHRQ in the Professional Literature . … COVID-19 testing and clinical management of asymptomatic and mild cases of COVID-19. … Review additional new publications in PSNet’s current issue or access recent cases and commentaries … No-Touch Modalities for Disinfecting Patient Rooms in Acute Care Settings: A Rapid Review . … AHRQ in the Professional Literature High rates of partial participation in the first year of the merit-based
  3. June 01, 2020 - AHRQ in the Professional Literature . … Review additional new publications in PSNet’s current issue or access recent cases and commentaries … : A Living Rapid Review . … Systematic review (draft open for comment): Automated-Entry Patient-Generated Health Data for Chronic … AHRQ in the Professional Literature Assessing the accuracy of machine-assisted abstract screening with
  4. June 01, 2020 - AHRQ in the Professional Literature . … Epidemiology of and risk factors for coronavirus infection in health care workers: a living rapid reviewReview additional new publications in PSNet’s current issue or access recent cases and commentaries … New Research and Evidence From AHRQ Systematic Review (draft open for comment): Management of Colonic … AHRQ in the Professional Literature The CMS State Innovation Models Initiative and improved health
  5. March 11, 2021 - An article in the June 2017 issue of Diagnosis , authored by members of AHRQ's patient safety team, … A third (36%) reported no help in diagnostic error reduction from their electronic health record. … Improving Your Laboratory Testing Process: A Step-by-Step Guide for Rapid-Cycle Patient Safety and Quality … September 2015) AHRQ's Patient Safety Network (PSNet) PSNet highlights the latest patient safety literature … and safety of healthcare.
  6. January 01, 2021 - The findings are subject to change based on the literature identified in the interim and peer-review … the available literature. … The EPCs systematically review the relevant scientific literature on topics assigned to them by AHRQ … during our literature search update. … SAVE and RICCADSA used threshold values in mental health symptom scales to define “casesof depression
  7. November 19, 2019 - * OR overview*)) OR "Review Literature as Topic"[Mesh] OR cochrane[tiab] OR embase[tiab] OR (psychlit … on all- cause and cardiovascular mortality based on age and gender - a literature review Respir … positional obstructive sleep apnea—a review of the current literature Omobomi O, Quan SF D: Not primary … O: No outcome of interest 29762755 Obstructive sleep apnea during rapid eye movement sleep is associated … With Positional Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Systematic Review of the Literature and Meta-Analysis
  8. May 01, 2017 - The training materials and tools in this bundle review the key elements of a rapid response system within … outcomes, mainly for improving cardiac care. 1,2 Most studies of RRS in the literature are from unblinded … Units establish the scope and limits of rapid responders. … Have a process in place to review serious maternal or neonatal adverse outcomes. … Slide 20: Unit Next Steps Review the Key Safety Elements of the Rapid Response Tool, including the
  9. May 01, 2017 - How to use this tool: Review the key perinatal safety elements with L&D leadership and relevant unit … Unit can decide its approach to reviewing cases of severe maternal or neonatal morbidity or mortality … This might include an existing medical peer-review process or review by a perinatal safety or quality … of the rapid response system. … Maternal and fetal outcomes in cases where response was activated.
  10. May 01, 2017 - The training materials and tools in this bundle review the key elements of a rapid response system or … Most studies of rapid response systems in the literature are from unblinded, nonrandomized studies conducted … We will review the key safety elements in more detail in subsequent slides. … execute should also be articulated as part of the scope of a rapid response system. … Slide 20: Unit Next Steps Say: Staff should review key safety elements of the rapid response tool
  11. February 01, 2021 - rapid response teams with the goal of preventing pediatric patients from reaching the point of cardiac … The development of a rapid response team is one of six recommended interventions that are part of the … You didn’t have to hurt somebody’s feelings. ” The physician champion did a chart review to gather … She explained,  “I presented all of the very ugly cases I could find from our hospital that I could say … In cases of observed reluctance, the champion engaged in further education with the reluctant individual
  12. October 01, 2017 - The training materials and tools in this bundle review the key elements of a rapid response system within … safety and outcomes, mainly for improving cardiac care.1,2 Most studies of RRS in the literature are … team after rapid response, regardless of outcome Have informal debriefs among clinical team Rapid Response … Call Log can facilitate a debrief Have a process in place to review serious maternal or neonatal adverse … for Perinatal Care Rapid Response Perinatal Safety 19 Unit Next Steps Review the Key Safety Elements
  13. June 01, 2021 - The purpose of this review is to evaluate the effectiveness and harms of integrated pain management programs … Rapid Reviews on Opioids and Pain Management March 2021 As part of the Congressionally mandated Todd … Graham Study, AHRQ has posted three rapid reviews on improving pain management in the context of America's … Understanding and addressing the rapid increase in opioid-related hospitalizations among older adults … The review will be "living" in the sense that it will identify and synthesize recently published literature
  14. November 01, 2020 - An AHRQ evidence review will support work by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine … McNellis began a session on COVID-19 by noting the rise in the number of cases and stating that AHRQ … These include a review of the use of masks in healthcare and community settings. … There are disparities between the dissemination of knowledge around large academic research centers/hospitals … congressional mandate in 2018, which called for AHRQ to contract with an independent entity to study cases
  15. April 01, 2021 - reviews, develop White Papers on systematic review methods that describe the current understanding of … PDF , 743 KB) Finding Evidence for Comparing Medical Interventions ( PDF , 357 KB) Finding Grey LiteratureRapid Expansion During the COVID-19 Pandemic (May 2020) Standardized Library of Depression Outcome … EPC Methods: AHRQ End-User Perspectives of Rapid Reviews  (April 2016) EPC Methods: An Exploration … EPC Methods: An Exploration of Methods and Context for the Production of Rapid Reviews (January 2015
  16. March 01, 2020 - A systematic review and meta-analysis by Cardona-Morrell and colleagues reported that implementing a … Are some cases potentially avoidable? J R Coll Physicians Lond. 1999;33(3):255-9 2. … Rapid response systems: a systematic review and meta- analysis. … Rapid response teams: a systematic review and meta- analysis. … review through November 2008 and the additional literature published through October 2012.
  17. June 01, 2021 - Why We Collect Urine From a Clean Catheter1 Rapid Colonization Biofilm Formation False Positive … with differential Urine Legionella and urine Strep pneumoniae antigen (if available) Rapid … Activity, Stewardship Team  Activity, Frontline Providers Continue to meet monthly as a team and reviewReview the Collecting Bacterial Cultures and Urine Culture Collection posters and display them in common … Review sample collection processes for urine at your facility.
  18. August 01, 2020 - Perhaps the most dramatic transformation to healthcare delivery during the COVID-19 crisis has been rapid … One of the most immediate of those needs is the opioids crisis—a public health epidemic that claims … This finding comes from a new Rapid Evidence Review on strategies to retain patients in MAT for OUD … From AHRQ’s new Rapid Evidence Review and from recent research, we know that MAT saves lives and there … Khanna is Director of AHRQ. Dr.
  19. Gap-Analysis (doc file)

    June 01, 2021 - If your ASP does not have Enhanced items, discuss whether implementation of these items might be of benefit … ☐ Recommend approaches to improve antibiotic use ☐ Obtain, review, and distribute the antibiogram ☐ … the antibiogram and recommend improvement approaches ☐ Develop, review, and distribute materials to … microbiology results (including rapid diagnostic tests)? … ☐ Yes ☐ No Does your facility perform or order rapid diagnostics on other specimens?
  20. July 01, 2021 - The Council of Academic Family Medicine and other organizations have identified key characteristics of … A new delivery system intervention in the current rapid pace of health care systems may already be implemented … Study participants reported this bias for peer-reviewed grant mechanisms, which tend to gravitate to … funding and increased status within the academic research community. … for health services and primary care systems (i.e., toward more academic research) and a loss of focus

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