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  1. January 01, 2012 - | More Search AHRQ-Funded Projects AHRQ-Funded Projects Map Current Digital Healthcare Research Priorities Past Initiatives Evaluating Smart Forms and Quality Dashboards in an Electronic Health Record (EHR) (Massachusetts) Project Final Report ( PDF , 86.44 KB) D…
  2. Eighty-five papers nominated by the working groups were reviewed, representing 26-peer reviewed journals … Medication changes made were reviewed for severity and potential harm.
  3. June 01, 2007 - member who has received extra training on the new system and has demonstrated the ability to provide peer-to-peer
  4. January 01, 2005 - | More Barriers to HIT Implementation All studies initially reviewed were screened … One systematic review 17 summarized barriers mentioned in the medical and pediatric literature that
  5. ) Provides examples of measures that you might use in an evaluation, based on those reported in the literature … Appendix B: Sample Literature Search Strategy ( PDF , 130 KB) is a sample literature search strategy
  6. The guide presents results of an environmental scan and grey literature review ( PDF , 1.47 MB); as well
  7. October 01, 2017 - synthesized challenges and innovations, including: papers, issue briefs, reports, needs assessments, and literature
  8. educational presentations to use in your clinic ( Educational Presentations ) or read summaries of peer-reviewed
  9. November 01, 2008 - An overview of the CDS medication management literature.
  10. December 01, 2013 - Each guide includes a brief description of the measure, summary of current literature on the measure,
  11. First, we present the following lessons theorized in the literature and observed in practice through
  12. January 01, 2009 - AHRQ encourages individual grants to disseminate final outcomes through peer-reviewed journals, trade … projects that were implementing CPOE interventions in hospital settings through the THQIT mechanism, we reviewed … importance of workflow redesign when implementing CPOE.6 Grantees heeded the advice in this body of literature
  13. January 01, 2010 - reviewed) 27 Other 23 Internal Documents 20 Tool 15 Publication (non-peer reviewed) 13 Surveys … A comprehensive literature review and environmental scan was done among peer-reviewed publications, … - reviewed literature; and input from expert and stakeholder panels. … This project is collecting data from original grant applications, peer-reviewed literature, and reports … The team will draft and submit a manuscript about the research effort to a peer- reviewed journal, as
  14. build an appropriate HIE infrastructure using open source software and information from the published literature
  15. September 30, 2012 - A comprehensive literature review and environmental scan will be done among peer-reviewed publications … - reviewed literature. … This will be done by collecting data from the original grant applications, peer-reviewed literature, … Recent articles in peer-reviewed and popular literature have identified shortcomings in usability and … o JSI reviewed all outputs, with the following priority for inclusion: � Peer-reviewed journal publications
  16. the antimicrobial team, which received a daily report of patients on restricted antimicrobials and reviewed
  17. Practices, policies and related laws will be reviewed to assess whether the particular practice, policy
  18. Title Page (pdf file)

    September 01, 2004 - During the timeframe of the grant, 17 peer-reviewed papers were published, 27 presentations were made … of Biomedical Informatics, 2008, 41: 371-386 20 List of Publications and Products Peer-Reviewed … conversion on the financial performance of rural hospitals, Inquiry, in press Papers Submitted to Peer-Reviewed … Decisions Conclusions, Significance, and Implications References List of Publications and Products Peer-Reviewed … Publications Papers Submitted to Peer-Reviewed Journals Papers in Electronic Formats Presentations
  19. We conducted a literature review of usability principles, designating key principles as simplicity, naturalness
  20. January 01, 2014 - Literature Review The purpose of the literature review was to identify peer-reviewed and grey literature … continued to track the activity of the Medicaid and CHIP agencies, reviewing agency Web sites and the peer-reviewed … The initial search located a significant number of articles (853 peer-reviewed articles and 58 gray … Relevant articles retrieved by year Year Peer-Reviewed Articles Gray Literature Total Year 1 (February … The number of peer reviewed articles identified in the final year may not be directly comparable with

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