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  1. March 01, 2021 - Funding Opportunities: Opioids Advancing knowledge and capacity to meet the opioid challenge. … Special Emphasis Notice March 2021 AHRQ Announces Interest in Health Services Research to Address the Opioids … specific areas of focus: Evaluating State, local, and health system policy efforts to address the opioids … are misusing or have experimented with opioids. … that propose developing generalizable health service research skills through projects related to the opioids
  2. January 01, 2021 - Opioids Newsroom AHRQ’s blog posts, infographics, and announcements on its latest efforts to help … end the opioid epidemic. … AHRQ provides an overview of its ongoing work on opioids with regular posts on the AHRQ Views blog. … Azar in the Fight Against Opioid Epidemic 1/08/2018 AHRQ Intensifies the Battle Against Opioid Misuse … , 2015-2016 PDF  (6.8 MB) Opioids' Impact on Seniors PDF  (1.1 MB) Women Have Higher Rates of Opioid-Related
  3. March 01, 2021 - Opioids: What’s New AHRQ's latest news on its efforts to help end the opioid epidemic in the United … is interested in health services research to improve pain management, opioid abuse prevention, opioid … are misusing or have experimented with opioids. … on Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management of Opioids, Opioid Misuse and Opioid Use Disorder in Older … end the opioid epidemic.
  4. Opioid measures in the National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Report 5 2 … Opioids Resources Measures That Are Getting Worse Measure Estimate Hospital inpatient … semisynthetic opioids per 100,000 resident population 3.8 Drug overdose deaths involving other … synthetic opioids (other than methadone) per 100,000 resident population 9.9 Measures That … (either prescription opioid or heroin) use disorder in the past year 0.7%
  5. April 11, 2018 - Special or Theme Issue Published April 11, 2018 Opioids and … Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print The use of opioids … in various care environments to address acute pain contributes to the opioid crisis . … This special collection explores opioid use in dentistry as a patient safety issue . … monitoring mechanisms, and general benefits and harms associated with opioids and managing acute dental
  6. January 01, 2021 - USPSTF Recommendation Statements related to Opioids include: Counseling for Illicit Drug Use Prevention … , Opioid Misuse and Opioid Use Disorder in Older Adults Management of Suspected Opioid Overdose with … Safety Primer on Opioids The Patient Safety Network (PSNet) has published a Patient Safety Primer … on Opioids .  … The Opioids Guide covers the origins of the opioid epidemic and interventions to improve opioid safety
  7. August 15, 2012 - Sentinel Event Alerts Published August 15, 2012 Safe use of opioids … Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Opioid … Because these medications are frequently used to treat acute pain in the hospital, opioids account for … usage, and use information technology to support safe opioid prescribing. … A serious case of opioid overdose is discussed in this AHRQ WebM&M commentary . 
  8. February 10, 2021 - Assessing reasons for decreased primary care access for individuals on prescribed opioids. …  is a major contributor to the ongoing opioid epidemic. … This study involved simulated patients with chronic opioid use who called  primary care  clinics in need … of a new provider because their previous physician had retired or stopped prescribing opioids. … Study Association of primary care clinic appointment time with opioid
  9. November 03, 2020 - Prior or early postoperative opioid use, or greater amounts of prescribed opioids (high number of opioid … The evidence base that is directly applicable to older adults who are prescribed opioids or have opioid-related … All 9 studies that examined greater amounts of prescribed opioids (higher number of opioid prescriptions … These included factors associated with opioid use disorder, high-risk obtainment of prescription opioids … Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management of Opioids, Opioid Misuse, and Opioid Use Disorder in Older Adults
  10. February 01, 2021 - for opioid use disorder. … AHRQ's Opioids and Older Adults Initiative Between 2010 and 2015, the rate of opioid-related inpatient … Managing opioids in older adults is especially complex and challenging. … Improving Management of Opioids and Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) in Older Adults AHRQ has awarded three … Other recent AHRQ funded grants related to opioids Toward Safer Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Pain
  11. October 07, 2020 - Published October 7, 2020 Potentially inappropriate medication combination with opioids … Potentially inappropriate medication combination with opioids among older dental patients: a retrospective … This study analyzed the association between potentially inappropriate prescribing involving opioids … Results indicated that a significant proportion of older patients prescribed opioids by their dentist … Perspectives on Safety Perspective Antibiotic and Opioid
  12. November 16, 2016 - Study Published November 16, 2016 Hospital prescribing of opioids … Hospital Prescribing of Opioids to Medicare Beneficiaries. … Twitter Linkedin Email Print Misuse of prescription opioids … In this study, investigators examined opioid prescribing to Medicare beneficiaries upon hospital discharge … They found that new opioid use was common after discharge and that prescribing rates varied widely across
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  14. February 01, 2021 - This brief presents statistics on inpatient stays involving opioids and stimulants among adults aged … The brief presents estimates of total expense, total fills and sources of payment for all opioids, as … Related infographic:  Opioids’ Burden on Hospital Care: A State-by-State Comparison HCUP Statistical … Frequent Use of Opioids among Elderly Adults in 2015–2016, by Socioeconomic Characteristics  ( PDF ) … Utilization, and Sources of Payment for Outpatient Prescription Opioids in the U.S.
  15. February 01, 2021 - built several of its projects around helping patients, clinicians, and health systems respond to the opioidsOpioids and Pain Management artifacts facilitate integration of recommendations from the CDC 2016 Opioid … Highlights of the report include: 19 PCCDS tools that support patient care for pain, opioids, and opioid … use disorder (OUD). 5 Future Scenarios that illustrate the uses of PCCDS for pain management and opioids … this Q&A with AHRQ grantee Michael Parchman:  Six Building Blocks help small rural clinics to manage opioids
  16. April 16, 2020 - Random effects meta-analysis was conducted on short-term trials of opioids versus placebo, opioids versus … nonopioids, and opioids plus nonopioids versus an opioid or nonopioid alone. … In observational studies, opioids were associated with increased risk of an opioid abuse or dependence … followup versus an opioid alone. … for opioid use disorder.
  17. December 14, 2016 - Article Published December 14, 2016 An E.R. kicks the habit of opioids … Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Overprescribing of opioids … for pain management contributes to the growing crisis involving opioid-related harm . … This newspaper article reports on one hospital's efforts to avoid opioid use for patients presenting
  18. April 07, 2010 - Commentary Published April 7, 2010 OpioidsOpioids, iatrogenic harm and disclosure of medical error. … discussion, this article explores ethical and clinical issues surrounding adverse events involving opioid
  19. September 01, 2018 - Opioids’ Impact on Seniors 268 199 Hospitalizations Per 100,000 Population34% increase in the … rate of opioid- related hospitalizations 2010 2015 Filled at least 1 opioid prescription Filled … 4 or more opioid prescriptions 10 million (19%) 4 million (7%) Opioids’ Impact on Seniors New AHRQ … Opioid-Related Hospitalizations Among Seniors, 2010-2015 Source: HCUP, Opioid-Related Inpatient Stays … Aged 65 Years and Older, 2010 and 2015, September 2018 Source: MEPS, Any Use and Frequent Use of Opioids