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  1. May 29, 2019 - Review Published May 29, 2019 Inappropriate opioid … Inappropriate opioid prescription after surgery. … The overprescribing of opioids for postsurgery pain can increase the potential for opioid … Journal Article Review Prevention of opioid … Journal Article Study Deaths among opioid users: impact of
  2. May 18, 2016 - Government Resource Published May 18, 2016 Opioid … Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Overdoses of opioid … Web Resource Government Resource Opioid Overdose.
  3. October 25, 2017 - Study Published October 25, 2017 Opioid … prescribing for opioid-naive patients in emergency departments and other settings: characteristics of … Opioid Prescribing for Opioid-Naive Patients in Emergency Departments and Other Settings: Characteristics … Using claims data, researchers compared opioid prescribing patterns for opioid-naïve patients in the … likely to lead to chronic use among opioid-naïve patients.
  4. May 05, 2021 - Published May 5, 2021 Incidence and variables associated with inconsistencies in opioid … Incidence and variables associated with inconsistencies in opioid prescribing at hospital discharge and … and 2016, this cohort study found that nearly 50% of hospitalized patients were discharged with an opioidOpioid-related medication errors were more common in handwritten discharge prescriptions compared to … electronic prescriptions; electronic prescriptions were associated with a 69% lower risk of opioid-related
  5. October 14, 2020 - Study Published October 14, 2020 Association of current opioid … Association of current opioid use with serious adverse events among older adult survivors of breast cancer … Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Chronic opioid … Findings indicate that opioid use after active cancer treatment was associated with a 15-fold increase … in risk of adverse events (including overdose) and an increased risk in adverse events related to opioid
  6. November 29, 2017 - Theme Issue Published November 29, 2017 Themed Issue on the Opioid … Articles in this special issue review factors that contribute to the opioid epidemic and how anesthesiologists … Newspaper/Magazine Article Opioid … Web Resource Government Resource Addressing opioid misuse
  7. July 26, 2017 - Published July 26, 2017 Improving adherence to long-term opioid … therapy guidelines to reduce opioid misuse in primary care: a cluster-randomized trial. … Going Beyond Guideline-Concordant Opioid Therapy to Improve Patient Safety. … availability and prescription opioid initiation among household members. … Journal Article Study Association between opioid prescribing
  8. May 02, 2018 - Article Study Published May 2, 2018 Opioid … prescribing and adverse events in opioid-naive patients treated by emergency physicians versus family … Opioid prescribing and adverse events in opioid-naive patients treated by emergency physicians versus … were prescribed higher doses and were more likely to have subsequent opioid complications compared … to patients who received new opioid prescriptions from family physicians.
  9. May 08, 2019 - Commentary Published May 8, 2019 No shortcuts to safer opioid … No Shortcuts to Safer Opioid Prescribing. … Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Improving opioid
  10. January 01, 2016 - safety of opioid use. … associated with opioid medication use. … regulation of opioid medications. … in high-risk opioid prescribing practices (including high opioid doses and receipt of opioids from four … could enhance the safety of opioid use.
  11. March 13, 2019 - Study Published March 13, 2019 Association between long-term opioid … use in family members and persistent opioid use after surgery among adolescents and young adults. … Association Between Long-term Opioid Use in Family Members and Persistent Opioid Use After Surgery Among … use if they had family members with long-term opioid use. … The study team recommends preoperative screening for long-term opioid use in family members as part of
  12. September 01, 2013 - Other steps can be taken to minimize the risk of harm in opioid prescribing. … Opioid use in chronic noncancer pain: guidelines revisited. … Use of Chronic Opioid Therapy in Chronic Non-cancer Pain: Evidence Review. … Trends in long-term opioid therapy for chronic non-cancer pain. … dependence, abuse, or overdose in opioid-naive patients as a "Never Event".
  13. November 11, 2020 - Published November 11, 2020 A mixed-methods analysis of patient safety incidents involving opioid … A mixed‐methods analysis of patient safety incidents involving opioid substitution treatment with methadone … this study analyzed 2,284 patient safety incident reports and found that harmful incidents involving opioid … Journal Article Study Indication-specific opioid … pain relievers or medicines to treat opioid use disorder.
  14. November 08, 2017 - Published November 8, 2017 Stem the Tide: Addressing the Opioid … Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print The opioid … to help health care systems target eight areas of focus that have potential to reduce the impact of opioid … Book/Report First, Do No Harm: Marshaling Clinician Leadership to Counter the Opioid … and prescription opioid initiation among household members.
  15. June 05, 2019 - Book/Report Published June 5, 2019 Addressing Problematic Opioid … Print The overprescribing of prescription opioids heightens the likelihood of opioid … The publication illustrates the complexity of the opioid epidemic and suggests that system-focused multisector … Journal Article Study Drug and opioid-involved … Journal Article Study Prevention of prescription opioid misuse
  16. November 02, 2016 - Book/Report Published November 2, 2016 Addressing the Opioid … Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Misuse of opioid … results of an effort to determine how individuals, communities, and health care at large can manage the opioid
  17. November 23, 2016 - Published November 23, 2016 Strategies for flipping the script on opioid … Strategies for Flipping the Script on Opioid Overprescribing. … Share Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Print Opioid … Study Implementing electronic health record default settings to reduce opioid … Study Electronic medical record alert associated with reduced opioid
  18. March 21, 2018 - Review Published March 21, 2018 Postoperative opioid … Postoperative opioid prescribing: Getting it RIGHTT. … , Tossing unused opioids and Trouble identification) designed to help surgeons improve safety of opioid
  19. September 19, 2018 - Published September 19, 2018 Interventions for postsurgical opioid … A Learning Health System Approach to the Opioid Crisis. … The authors emphasize the need for more high-quality evidence on opioid stewardship interventions . … Journal Article Review The prescription opioid crisis: role … of the anaesthesiologist in reducing opioid use and misuse.
  20. February 21, 2018 - Published February 21, 2018 Emergency department contribution to the prescription opioid … Emergency Department Contribution to the Prescription Opioid Epidemic. … , but the degree to which emergency department prescribing contributes to overall opioid prescribing … Journal Article Study Incidence and predictors of opioid … Journal Article Study Opioid prescribing for opioid-naive

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